Few things are as stressful as picking a new hair salon – we always want a new hair look and obviously the hair experiments should never stop. Whether you need a fresh start hair wise or want to get those logs chopped or get them coloured crazy pink, green or blue, you always need a good salon with whom you can trust with your precious hair and a hair stylist who can provide you with a look you desire.

You’re in luck because we’ve rounded up the best african hairstyles for you to get them done from any of the African hair salons all over South Africa where you can get those boho braids and cornrows.


  1. Side Swept Hairstyle
  2. Feed in braids
  3. Front bun
  4. Dutch braid
  5. Coiled Bob Hairstyle
  6. Gorgeous Top Bun for Box Braids
  7. Retro Afro Hairstyle


Side Swept Hairstyle

Among African haircuts, most can either make or break your look given the level of attention they need, even if they are bed and stacked neatly. This idea here is to come along and go on with the free falling curls. Corinne Bailey Rae is seen here with her beautiful hair, which impresses us so quickly and so perfectly. Need inspiration for the day? Well, here’s one to remember.Winters is well suited to try out this haircut.If you have an oval and diamond face with any hair type, go with this one. One can try this long African hairstyle for music or dance parties or date nights with a cute dress.


Side Swept Hairstyle

Feed-in braids

Also known as ‘knotless’ braids, feed-in braids are even better for protecting your hair than most other styles. To create super long box braids or cornrows, the stylist will usually secure extensions to your natural hair with a knot. With this technique, the stylist will gradually ‘feed’ the extensions in – plaiting them together with your real locks for a seamless blend. The result? Braids that have less bulk and put less tension on your scalp. They will also flow like real hair, giving you all the extra length you want with a natural finish.

Front bun African Hair Style

This African girls hairstyle is the new hype and trend now. Women who love to get experimental and assumed can try this style out totally. This is a new one in the town and the fashion world yet with traditional vibe and modern looks. There is nothing to hate about this beauty, and the bun in place makes it look so modern and chic. This will surely give you that edgy looks and vibes to carry with you.Wear this one during summers for best looks. Women with formal wear can try this for office times. Those with any face and hair type can try out this hairstyle.


Front Bun

Dutch braid Hair

A Dutch braid is nothing but a French braid done in reverse. This braid look has some great dimension to it because of the way it sits on top of your hair. The Dutch braid can be incorporated in a half up style to give it a flirtatious vibe or styled with a bun to make it work appropriate. All you need is a hair brush and a hair elastic. Start with brushing out all the knots and tangles in your hair. From between your temples, pick up the front section of your hair and divide it into 3 sections. Braid it for one stitch by flipping the side sections under the middle section. In each stitch of braid, start adding hair from outside the braid to the side sections before flipping them under the middle section. Once your Dutch braid has reached the nape of your neck, simply braid the rest of the way down and secure the ends with a hair elastic.


Dutch braid

Coiled Bob Hairstyle

This is a very out of the ordinary women long curly bob hairstyles look. If you think you want to experiment and have a new face transformation of yours, then this makeover is a must go. However, this look can only be done by professional parlour people who are quite experienced and well known to style. These coiled curls are must try if you already have curly hair and want to embrace them as well as flaunt them well. Any season is outstanding to go in this style.Those with nice skirts and tops can try it out for parties. Round and square face with any hair type are the best fit here.


Coiled Bob Hairstyle

Gorgeous Top Bun for Box Braids

We love our cornrows and box braids, but what we love more are gathering them all up for a wrapped around top knot that is stunningly gorgeous. Leave the ends hanging loose with a cuff or two for an elegant touch.

Retro Afro Hairstyle

This was a trendy natural African hairstyle of the retro era. You can find similar resemblance in movies like Austin Powers Gold member. In this movie, Beyoncé Knowles is seen to be sporting the same hairstyle though in the golden hue. You can always add some dash of colouring to your hair to make them in line with the new trend. For fun, you can sport this type of hairstyle with a hair wig. Today fun wigs are available in costume stores which you can get your hands on. Would you try this out for your next party? Women can wear this with a cute dress to go to a party. Moreover, any hair and face type can try out this style nicely.


Retro Afro Hairstyle

We hope now you know which hairstyles you can try out on your next salon visit.


Pretty Black Braid Hairstyles

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