The “Art of Manliness” is something which not everyone can master, but you don’t have to be a perfectionist for this. You just need to know your sense of style and what suits you the best. Be it your outfit or your hairstyle everything needs to be class apart from tip to toe. But when it comes to hair styling men find it really difficult to get it right. Girls can easily get those logs chopped and coloured but men really freak out when it comes to their hair. Thinking they have very less options they don’t like to do experiments with their hair. The first step to get that perfect hair style is to choose the right hair salon for men. Some guys have difficult hair, with lots of cowlicks and waves, and finding a great stylist can be a challenge. We have listed down some hair tips for you which might help you in finding you a good men’s hair salon.


  1. When to Go to a Salon ?
  2. Ask around.
  3. Finding the Right Place to Go
  4. Get a reference along
  5. Make a Mid-Day Appointment
  6. Feedback Matters
  7. Be patient and calm
  8. Know Your Hair Type
  9. If you don’t know it don’t try to do it


When to Go to a Salon ?

If you’re going longer, you will likely be happier with a salon cut. Stylists generally have more experience cutting and styling longer hair. Ditto if you want color: Most barbers do not do a lot of color services, so you’ll likely get better results from a stylist who is more knowledgeable. If you want a more trendy, fashion-forward cut, a stylist is usually more aware of current trends than a barber. If you want a new style, a stylist can make suggestions for a style that will flatter your features better.

Go to a Salon

Ask Around For Salon

If you’re new in town or aren’t happy with your current barber situation, the first thing you should do is to ask people you know for recommendations. Especially seek out recommendations from men who always seem to have awesome haircuts. Chances are they have a great barber that they’d be more than happy to recommend to you.

Finding the Right Salon to Go

To choose the appropriate location, one strategy is finding a guy with a style similar to what you’re looking for and asking him where he got it cut; that’s the best way to find a place to get a great men’s haircut near you. If you live in a larger area, you may also be able to find a modern barbershop or men’s salon, which blend traditional barbering with modern style.

Finding the Right Place to Go

Get a Reference Along

Instead of trying to describe what haircut you want to your barber, bring pictures. Pictures help a lot and be able to point out what you like and don’t like about it. Showing your barber a picture or two of the kind of haircut you want will ensure they understand exactly what you want. This will help eliminate the risk of something getting lost in translation and ending up with a result you’re not happy with. Your barber will also be able to tell you if that particular style will work for you, that is being realistic is the key always. The only time your barber will tell you they can’t do something is if your hair physically can’t do it.

Make a Mid-Day Appointment For Hair Salon

Another important factor to consider while going for a haircut is to make an appointment in the middle of the day. Many salons are slower at this time, too, and your stylist will likely have more time to spend with you as nobody is at their best first thing in the morning or at the end of the day therefore never attempt to “squeeze in” at the end of the day. Showing up five minutes before a salon closes will almost always guarantee a rush job. Remember, barbers and stylists enjoy leaving work on time, too.

Make a Mid-Day Appointment

Feedback Matters

At a good hair salon the stylists will let you look in a mirror and ask if your hair is still too long or if your hairline’s shape on the back of your neck is to your suiting. By asking for constant feedback during the haircut, a good hair stylist has solutions for any haircut disasters.

Feedback Matters

Be Patient and Calm

There are three people you never want to make mad: your hairstylist, your tattoo artist, and your doctor. You should always make an effort to treat your stylist with respect and a friendly attitude, even if the person cutting your hair is not reciprocating. So it’s important that he or she has a positive feeling about you. This includes listening to them. Barbers and stylists are trained and paid to know what styles best frame your face and enhance your features. When your stylist makes a suggestion, listen to them. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone by getting the same haircut year after year. Don’t be afraid to change it up a bit. If you don’t like the cut, it will always grow back. But remember, clients who are generous with gratuity will often receive preferential treatment when booking appointments, and receive a greater attention to detail during the service.

Know Your Hair Type

Before hitting any hair salon it is important to know what hair type you have – straight, thin, curly, dry – so you are able to answer your stylist when he puts up questions in front of you. You should know first what might suit your hair according to their texture and volume and then you can ask for suggestions from your stylist.

Know Your Hair Type

If you don’t know it doesn’t try to do it

If you’re panicking because you’re losing your hair, don’t reach for the clippers. At a good hair salon, the stylist will be able to take control of the situation. They’ll be able to look at your scalp objectively and advise you on the best solution. It is overwhelming, seriously when you have a good hair salon and a stylist to back you up.

Keeping these tips in mind you can never go wrong while choosing the perfect hair salon for you and a stylist that understands you!


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