We are almost ready to dive into 2020 with so many bitter sweet memories.While in terms of style and trends we have seen welcomed many and waved goodbye to some too! On the other hand, some styles are hitched in our hearts forever but who says no to a new style makeover that can be a head turner for you this new year! 

Your Hairstylist knows you the best when it comes to hair styling, we have a list of some top 10 hairstyles for women with cliparts that you would surely want to try out in 2020!


  1. Easy low bun hairstyle
  2. Easy space buns hairstyle
  3. Easy side swept hairstyle
  4. Easy deep waves hairstyle
  5. Easy hair pins hairstyle
  6. Easy Topknot hairstyle
  7. Easy wet-look waves hairstyle
  8. Easy ponytail for short hair
  9. Easy ponytail hairstyle
  10. Easy beach waves


1.  Easy low bun hairstyle

Low buns are the total hairstyle compromise.They’re not as formal as intricate updos, but they take more effort than your everyday ponytail .These low bun hairstyles can take you from the gym to the office to the cocktail party. They’re simple enough to do yourself, which means no money wasted on any  hair appointment, and they give you a straight-from-the-salon look. One thing to remember , whether your low bun is messy or dressy, finish it off with some hairspray.

Low bun hairstyle

Low bun hairstyle

2.  Easy space buns hairstyle

Messy buns, ballerina buns, braided buns—it’s safe to say there’s a bun hairstyle for every occasion.But the fun, carefree bun hairstyle that we can’t get enough of lately? The space buns hairstyle!






Just follow these five simple steps and you are ready to create some drama!

space buns hairstyle

Space buns hairstyle

3.  Easy side swept hairstyle

This hairstyle is a quick way to switch up your look if you’re tired of rocking the same old twist-out. It’s pretty simple—give yourself a deep left side part; then, on the left side of the part, take a small piece of hair, twist it, and bobby pin it in the back of your head. Hit your curls with an oil spray to add a reflective-like shine, and you’re good to go.

swept curls hairstyle

Swept curls hairstyle

4.  Easy deep waves hairstyle

All you need is hairspray and a wand. Use hairspray to keep the hair intact, then create curls with a curler or straightener whichever suits you the best. Don’t worry- the curls won’t open easily, but run a brush through your hair and voila! Voluminous waves are there to take those breaths away! 

deep waves

Deep Waves Hairstyle

5.  Easy hair pins hairstyle

Okay, so this hairstyle is  the best because you can do it on any hair type. And, when it comes to hair pins and bobby pins, the style options are endless. You could part your hair in the middle and stack six to eight bobby pins on top of your left ear; or, you could take two jeweled bobby pins and place one on each side of your part. And guess what you are ready to step out with the easiest yet gorgeous looking hairstyle ever!

hair pins hairstyle

Hair pins hairstyle

6.  Easy Topknot hairstyle

If you don’t have enough time and still want to get that look anh oh yes you really want to look good in those pictures. This is the best hairstyle for you, this can work easily on short and long hair both and would serve as the best look for your brunch party! To get this chic hairstyle  you’ll need a brush, bobby pins, and a lightweight wax or gel to keep your flyaways nice and smooth.

topknot hairstyle

Topknot hairstyle

7.  Easy wet-look waves hairstyle

The wet hair look has been seen on celebrities and runways for quite a while now. Wet-looking strands can give off après-beach vibes, but it’s actually a hairstyle that’s perfect all year round. The best thing about the wet hair look is :no professional hairstylists needed! All you need to do is damp your hair (not completely wet) and pick the right hair gel for your hair. Start applying a heaping amount of hair gel to your roots then comb your or brush your hair back. Then spritz on a glossy spray and you are ready to go!

wet-look waves hairstyle

Wet-look waves hairstyle

8.  Easy ponytail for short hair

If you feel that getting them chopped was a mistake you are totally wrong.  We have quick, easy hairstyle for short hair that comes into play and especially when you have greasy and sweaty hair this hairstyle can be your saviour. After giving a good boom to your roots with dry shampoo, part your hair down the middle. On each side of the parting, twist a small section of hair toward the back of your head, then secure each twist with bobby pins. Then, collect the rest of your hair into a ponytail and tie the whole thing off with an elastic.


Ponytail hairstyle for short hair

9.  Easy ponytail hairstyle

 You obviously know how to throw your hair into a casual  ponytail but this easy look is the fluffier, prettier version of your go-to. If you’ve got thin, fine hair, you’ll want to use a teasing comb and a mist of hairspray to create some volume before you secure your ponytail. You can add additional hairstyles like braids in starting to make it more unique! 

ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyle

10.  Easy beach waves

beachy waves hairstyle

Beachy waves hairstyle

Happy go lucky, natural, and fun, beach waves are a hairstyle we love whether we’re beach bound or not! Here are some simple steps for you to follow to get those waves ready at home without hitting the salon!

1- Dampen your hair

2- Apply a wave spray

You can also get beach waves through a curling iron- 

1- Apply a heat protectant

2- Curl away

3- Mess it up

4- Apply a hair spray

If you don’t have a curling iron you can also try them with a flat iron-

Apply your heat protectant and then use your straightener to create curls. Take a  section of hair and start with your straightener towards the root of your hair. After clamping the straightener down, twist it so that it is at a vertical angle and your hair is wrapped around it. Continue to twist the straightener as you move down the section of hair.

Try out these styles for your new year’s bash and you no one can stop you from being the star of the party!

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