Are you someone who loves fashion and are simply into the concept of running their own business? Of course, who doesn’t love fashion? It’s available everywhere and not just clothing. Whatever we do, dress with, accessorise ourselves with everything has to do something or more with fashion. Being a fashionista, your mind must have crossed this one amazing question at least 10 times before you step into the world- How to become a personal stylist? Well, that’s right it takes someones exceptionally well-versed to become a stylist.

Here are the key points about how you can learn to style and run your own business or you can even choose to be a personal stylist assistant once you are ready to go onboard.


What You Need to Become a Personal Stylist

Besides a passion for style and clothing, you as such do not require any formal training or licensing to become a personal stylist. You however will be required to have a few important sets of skills:

Become Personal Stylist

An eye for Personal style

As having an eye for the style is just a bottom line but it is by far the most important skill you need as a personal stylist is knowing what looks good on people of all shapes and sizes.


Even if you have the best eye in the world, you might find it difficult to reach up to people’s expectations as everyone is unique and so is their choice of taste. To be a good stylist you must be able to communicate well with people making them understand your sense of style while understanding theirs too.


A business mindset of Personal Stylist

Being a personal stylist doesn’t include just playing dress-up; it’s a business. If you want to become successful in this particular field and make some money out of it, you definitely need “business skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Many famous fashionistas have also recommends brushing up on your social media marketing skills which means to get in touch and be familiar with all these networks so that when you start your own business you can have amazing marketing and professional material.

After all this the question of how to become a personal stylist must have gone out of your brain as you are half-way there. Now, you have to:

Build your Lookbook

Working as an intern will be able to provide you a great opportunity to start building your own portfolio. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, you must understand how a lookbook is a collection of photos that showcase your work as a stylist, the purpose being to show off your styling skills keeping in mind all the hopes of building a bigger, and more high-profile, client base.

Look book

Do not forget to breathe how celebrities live with their fashion life

Researching is a must. You must be knowing all the in-sand outs of the celebrities and the business you are heading on with. Go to fashion shows, and make sure you are vulnerable to up with all the latest trends, and study different celebrities and their individual looks.

Celebrities Life

Get ready to hustle

Sure, being a stylist is a job (we definitely wouldn’t mind doing it). But it is also involved lots of hard work. It doesn’t sound easy to step your game up and play for the red carpets with tons of accessories and tons of people pleasing each one of them while greeting with a smile.

Don’t neglect your research skills

Believe it or not, internet r time goes into being a celebrity stylist. Researching different looks, making appointments, and ultimately to gather all the pieces for a look. It’s a lot of screen time!” So if you think that celebrity styling seems just involves one long photoshoot, that is not true. Give it a thought again (although prepare yourself for gruelling days spent on set, too!). The best stylists are also great at planning beforehand, anticipating needs and hiccups, and staying on top of what’s going on in the fashion and styling world through the web.
So you want to make everyone happy and make them comfortable, and this is the only key- to knowing your audience which is a component for success, and the foundation is truly understanding what’s going on in and around.

How To Become A Personal Stylist?

In order to become a personal stylist assistant, you must understand both way perspective, since now you have a good experience you can achieve everything.

Personal Stylist

Work in a local boutique

The very first step to enhance your skills are to work in a local boutique.
Not only will working in a boutique “familiarize you with brands and styling eventually it will also allow you to “build a client base in your community.

Local Boutique

Reach out to new Personal Stylists

Networking is the key to enter or simply broadband your work arena. If you’re just starting out, it is considered to be a smart step in reaching out to stylists you admire so you can meet or perhaps even work with them.
With great research people in your field who align with your values, and watch

Work for an online personal stylist company

If you’re having difficulty finding clients or messed up with the stability of working for someone else, consider applying at one of the online styling companies that’s popped up in recent years. Various online companies can help you achieve better than you ever could.

Personal Stylist Work

Starting Off Your Business

There’s no concrete number for how much you can earn as a personal stylist as this solely depends on the type of work that your provide or simply the experience you’ve had gained till so far.
With your first clients, you might not be able to charge at all as you are in need of just the amount not the higher amount whereas the more you grow and spend years in this field more you will realise the importance of your work and money.

Start your personal stylist business

As you will easily be able to notice a huge range of rates, depending on who your clients are and what services you’re offering. Though it may be difficult when starting your business, this wide range is ultimately a good thing.
You can also expand upon your personal stylist business with other services, as better you pursue more chances of income may come to you.


Become a Personal Stylist

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