With 2019 coming to an end, we all must have been pondering upon the best we did so far and the best look we have showcased which you might want to repeat in 2020! Starting from your outfits , makeup and most importantly your hair styles each look must have defined you in a different way. We have a list of some best hair stylists for men who created exceptional looks which you surely want to carry out this new year!

Even though men have short hair usually that doesn’t mean they don/t have choices or their hair can’t be styled. Hair styling is an art which requires knowledge of the latest trends and also to make sure to never leave the classics behind. One should have in-depth realisation as to what will suit men the best in hairstyles, as if we speak the truth men hair styling requires some extra skills and efforts as compared to women hair styling.

A good hair stylist should be able to tell you -latest trends in hairstyling, personalized suggestions for any face type or even body shape.
The best ideas for styling short, medium and long hair
Tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy hair and fresh look.


  1. The French Crop
  2. The Buzz Cut
  3. The slick back
  4. The side parting
  5. The shoulder-length cut
  6. The Quiff


So here is an updated list of best and classic which hairstyles which never go out of style to try out in 2020!


Hairstylist For Men

1.  The French Crop Hair Style

This style suits most face shapes but is particularly ideal for men going thinner on top. It’s a maintainable style perfect for someone in and out of the gym or swimming pool, as you can wear it without any styling product, just letting it fall naturally into place.If, however, you do want to use product, try a little hairspray, as the French crop is a style that’s meant to be left natural.


French Crop


2.  The Buzz Cut Hair Style

The buzz cut is a timeless style. To make this look perfect, you need to have a great shaped head. Named after the sound they make, it stands to reason that the look is achieved using clippers, however there are less severe alternatives for those not blessed with a square jaw and perfectly proportionate head.If that’s you, go for a shape that is slightly square all over (clippered at the sides), with a little more length on the top.

Before sitting in the chair, take a good look at yourself in the mirror (you could even try snapping selfies from different angles) to get to know your head and face shape better. If you’re still unsure after that, ask a hair stylist for their professional opinion.


The Buzz Cut


3.  The Slick back Hair

If you want a modern twist to your hair and still want to make them look simple yet timeless, go for the slick back cut, for classic styling. The back and sides need to be natural, tapered and fairly tight, with graduation up to the slightly heavier top.

If you’re going for an undercut, there needs to be a disconnection here, but blending would be a better option for finer hair.To style, blow-dry the hair back (if you have hair that grows forward, this will take longer) – bear in mind it takes practice to do this effectively. For a traditional slick look, use a water-based pomade and comb through when damp, or try a matte paste for a softer, more contemporary finish.

4.  The side parting Hairs

To nail this haircut you should try to establish where the natural parting is, perhaps with the help of your stylist initially. A simple way to do that, comb the hair backwards, and you’ll see where it starts to fall and then separate your hair, that’s it you are ready to go!


The Side Parting

5.  The shoulder-length Hair cut

When getting your haircut, take time to discuss it with your stylist, making sure you mention what your limitations are. There’s no point having a messy, choppy layered look when you have to appear smart and put-together for work.

Like with most cuts, the success of this style is dependent on the hair texture. Straight hair in this style would be difficult to manage and would not stay in place as easy as hair that has a subtle wave; equally, excessively curly hair will be difficult to keep smoothed out. Keep styling products to a minimum, as this style is at its strongest when it looks completely natural.

6.  The Quiff Hairs

The quiff is an iconic style that suits a wide range of ages, face shapes and personal styles.Before your cut, make sure you’ve decided whether a classic or contemporary take on the quiff works best for you. The classic quiff features a softer back and sides which are kept short, but not severely so.

The contemporary take can feature a dramatic contrast between long hair at the top of the head and a tightly clippered back and sides, producing a ‘disconnected’ effect.


The Quiff

To style, apply a wet styling product to towel-dried hair and comb through to evenly distribute. Then, blow-dry the hair using a hairdryer set to the highest temperature setting and the lowest speed, while simultaneously using a vented brush to sweep the hair into your preferred Shape or create your style using either your fingers or a comb while blow drying the hair to add volume.

Finish the look by working in a traditional pomade for added definition and shine. Take a small amount and rub it between your palms and fingertips, then slick it through your hair from front to back.

So you hot men out there now know what style you are going to pick for that date night, or your portfolio shoot. Choose any of these rocking styles which are easy to carry and make you look stylish and trendy at the same time.


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