Tired of watching youtube makeup tutorials but you still haven’t got the trick to conceal it well and draw that perfect wing on your eyes. What’s missing is a practical session specially curated for you according to your makeup needs to let you know about the application of various products and their importance on your skin in your daily beauty or makeup regime.

You can easily book one-on-one or private makeup lessons online from studios near you and you can avoid the hassle of going to the salon on the special day by doing your makeup all by yourself just how artists do it.


  1. A private makeup lesson might include
  2. Essentials you need
  3. Choose the right foundation
  4. Tips for your face and eyes
  5. Converting a daytime look into a night time look
  6. Your makeup also needs cleaning


A private makeup lesson might include-


Private Mekeup Lesson

  1. What basics should you have, and how to choose makeup that will work for you.
  2. How to choose the right type and color foundation for your skin.
  3. Makeup techniques for your face and/or eye shape
  4. Converting a daytime look into a night time look
  5. How to use and take care of your makeup brushes.
  6. Check your makeup kit- to get rid of that old makeup.

No matter if you are a total beginner, or want to switch from your daily makeup routine and start with a new look, or if you want to buy new makeup products or want to know how to use the ones you already have- this one on one makeup lesson is surely the solution to all your problems.

1.  Essentials you need

Your makeup kit should always have a black kohl, an eye liner, a compact, a small mirror, a nude eyeshadow palette, a beauty blender, a primer and some neutral lip shades that would go with everything. Not to forget you should always keep your favourite moisturizer with you, some cotton balls and a makeup remover or micellar water, whatever suits your skin.

2.  Choose the right foundation

The first step to flawless beauty is choosing the right shade of foundation. The shade that blends in completely with your skin should be your pick always. While buying a foundation one should apply it under natural light to know which tone will go best with your skin. Foundations come in many different formulations, ranging from mousse and liquid to cream and powder. You should know your skin type and take recommendations accordingly.



Choose the Right Foundation

3.  Tips for your face and eyes

Figuring out what shape your face is, will help you apply makeup in a way that accentuates your best features. Your makeup game can go all wrong if you don’t apply it analysing your face shape. Here are some easy steps to follow-

(a) Know your face shape- Many of us are unsure about our face shape and end up applying makeup that is unflattering. The most common face shapes are round, square, heart-shaped, and oval.
(b) Tie back your hair- To determine your face shape you will need to make sure all hair away from your face. If you have bangs, use a headband as well.
c) Look in a mirror and carefully examine your face. Pay particular attention to the width and length of your face. Take note of the distribution of facial features.


Tips for Eye & Face

Now let’s talk about eyes. Your eye makeup always defines you in a certain way, you can be termed subtle with that nude and peachy eye makeup look, and turn into a full drama girl by those smoky and sparkly eyes. To apply eye makeup, first create a blank canvas with primer, foundation, and concealer. Then apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, and you’ll be ready to go rock your look.

4.  Converting a daytime look into a night time look

During this never ending busy schedule makeup feels like a torture when you come home late after a tiring day at office and you have to head out for a wedding or a party. What if you only have to follow some steps and can change your overall look in few minutes.


daytime look into a night time look

>Permanent Makeup for a good base.

If you have a plan at night and you have limited time to prepare after work, the most important thing you will do is make your morning makeup with permanent products. For this, the first step is to use the base. By moisturizing your skin with makeup, you can make sure that your skin makeup is as stable as it gets. Of course, you also need a good headlight base for eye makeup.

>Select a high permanent foundation.

If you normally prefer lightweight foundations on a daily basis, you should make your morning makeup with more durable products for your night plan. Since the foundation is one of the most important parts of makeup, it is beneficial to choose the product with the highest retention. If you prefer a foundation that will be fixed and will stay until the evening, you do not need to make your makeup again in the evening.

> Do not neglect the stabilizer of the makeup.

The second most important product that increases the permanence of the makeup of the skin is transparent powder. After finishing your skin makeup, you should absolutely fix it with powder so that you do not lose your makeup all day long. If you prefer a silicone-based transparent powder, you will have increased the permanence. If you apply baking with baking method, you will get a better result. If you have a dry skin and do not like the matte appearance of the powder, you can also opt for makeup stabilization spray.


Makeup By Yourself

> A fresh look with moisture spray

Using too much product to make a permanent makeover can lead to an instability on your skin. When your skin will dry, the best thing is to squeeze a moisturizing spray. If you squeeze this sprinkle of your face, you will get a fresher look. You can get your own moisturizing spray by putting a few drops of natural oil in a bottle of water.

> Get your night makeup with a few special touches

After you have done these tricks, you may need to renew a few parts while you are preparing for the night. You can make your eye makeup even darker with a few headlight touches, or make a few touches with the illuminator. If you choose your lipstick nude in the daytime, you can choose lipstick in darker tones in the evening.

5.  Your makeup also needs cleaning

Make sure that you always keep your makeup kit net and clean. Make sure all your products are in good condition after you are done using them clean the edges and borders of your palettes. Wash your brushes regularly and don’t keep them inside until they are dried completely. Make sure you replace new makeup products with old ones otherwise it may have harmful effects on your skin.


Clean Makeup


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